What Would happen if you dedicated the next 60 days to transforming your body?

Join The Cut The Fat 60-day accountability challenge and find out!

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The Cut The Fat 60-Day Accountability Challenge

The most comprehensive and immersive fat-burning experience on earth.

The Cut the Fat 60-Day Accountability Challenge is the only implementation program of its kind that not only teaches you exactly how to optimize your lifestyle for fat loss – but how to lose the weight without sucking the LIFE out of your life. With world-class live coaching, accountability, training, and support you’ll end the cycle of losing the same 5-10 pounds over and over again and finally achieve your goals!

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

You want to lose weight but you don’t want to give up the fun things in life. You’re sick of losing the same 10 pounds over and over and over again and want to stop beating yourself up every time the scale doesn’t move your way. You’re busy. You don’t have a bunch of time (or energy) to workout two-hours a night, and even if you did, you’re not sure if it would work. 

You’re frustrated. You’re frustrated with yourself AND with all of the money you’ve wasted on weight loss fads and schemes that promised the world but delivered only more disappointment. 

Whether you’re…

You're In The Right Place And I'm Going To Tell You Exactly How The Cut The Fat 60-Day Challenge Is Going To Give You The Tools, Training, Inspiration, Coaching And Accoutability You Need To Lose Weight For Good

By The End Of This Program, You'll Have:

What's Inside...

Client Stories

“Seven years of menopause left me with a heaping 35 extra pounds of fat. Goals, plans, best intentions, I did it all, but my followthrough sucked. I started and stopped, started and stopped, and watched my set point creep higher. ..Then came along the CTF 60 day challenge...I started seeing the fat loss, first in how I looked, then in how my clothes fit, and eventually on the scale. I am happy to report that I have lost 10 pounds and gained muscle! Many new healthy habits are second nature to me now...Dr.Ray and Blythe have worked together with me to help me discover my individualized "formula for fat loss".
Small changes with Big results! For years I thought the only way to lose weight was to adopt a super-strict diet or spend hours working out. That isn't the case with the CTF 60-Day Challenge. I had more success slimming down compared to hamming it out at the gym or restricting my calories. The key is that the changes are practical and sustainable so that I could permanently adopt them into my everyday life. Throughout the program, I made tiny adjustments to my eating habits that I was able to stick to. I changed my thinking from "diet" to "following through"
If you are on the fence, wondering if this could work for you, I assure with utmost confidence that it can work for anyone; you will walk away knowing yourself better and feeling more capable in your ability to take charge of your life, and find the happiness and serenity that you have been longing for. I will forever be grateful for the guidance and care and wisdom that I received from Ray and Blythe - I wish everyone the peace that I have found in my health journey.
Amy Van Gerpen

When You Sign Up Today You Also Get Access To These Bonuses...


The bod method


Would you like to know how to lose weight without giving up your carbs? The BOD Method Masterclass is a game-changer for those who have tried low-carb diets only to give in to the starchy goodness. 


  • Discover the only time of day that you BURN fat...

    Did you know that you only burn fat once per day? Find out when that is and how to use that to completely shift your perspective on fat loss.

  • Discover the only time of day when you STORE fat...

    If you burn fat only once per day, when do you store fat? Without this knowledge you will simply never achieve your fat loss goals.

  • Learn the single most important reason why you aren't burning fat right now!

    Once you get this secret, you'll understand why starving yourself and then binging is so bad for your wasteline!

  • Avoid the one mistake that can lead to you storing up to 4X more calories as fat!

    This lesson will rock your understanding of how your body's fat storing mechanism works.

  • Why you should stop eating multiple, small meals per day if you want to burn fat...

    If you think that multiple small meals is the best way to burn fat, you're only half right...Find out how to know when multiple small meals will work best and when you should eat fewer meals.

  • Do you wonder why burning a bunch of calories on the treadmill isn't working?

    Discover why you can't do your penance on the treadmill and expect to lose weight This lesson will set you free from spending hours each night atoning for your dietary sins on the treadmill.

  • ...and much, much, more


Weight Loss Mind


You want to know the secret? Here it is…90% of the weight loss battle happens above the shoulders. In this insightful masterclass, you’ll learn some of the best mindset hacks for dramatically improved willpower and followthrough.


  • Are you a "Self-Sabotager"? Would you like to know how to end the cycle?

    Find out why you sabotage yourself. More importantly, how to end the cycle of self sabotage from now on!

  • Do you lose hope half-way through your weight loss journey and then give up?

    How to get through the "Valley of Despair" that derails so many.The secret lies in the principles behind the 5 Mental Phases of Change. No longer will you quit when your weight loss stalls.

  • If you always arrive home mentally exhausted and end up giving in to cravings, you'll learn the cure...

    If you get home too mentally tired to workout or resist the box of cookies your spouse brought home from the grocerie store, this lesson will give you the solution

  • How to stop yourself from "Diet Hopping"...

    Learn why you are always ready to go searching for the next diet book. More importantly how to get out of the cycle of dabbling in the next FAD diet program.

  • Why willpower is overrated...

    Willpower is definitely not enough. There is something much, much better, in fact, it wouldn't be an understatement to say it is 10X better than relying on willpower.

  • Do THIS before you build your weight loss plan.

    Ignore this lesson at your own peril

  • ...and much, much, more


Sweatpants To Swimsuit


Did you know that there are four stages to any weight loss journey and which stage you are in will determine the tactics and strategies that will work best for you? In the Sweatpants to Swimsuit University you’ll pinpoint your current stage and build a plan to fit your body’s stage.


  • Do you know your current "Fat Loss Stage"?

    Take the brief quiz to instantly find out your stage then use that knowledge to plan out your lifestyle.

  • Did you know that there are 3 types of fat?

    How to know which type of fat you are dealing with and what to do to liberate and burn that fat.

  • Why High-Intensity Interval Training may be hurting your progress

    You'll learn when to use high-intensity exercise and when you may do better implementing a more "gentle" form of exercise. Harder, and faster is not always better.

  • When cardio works and when it doesn't...

    In this module you'll learn how to tailor your approach depending on the stage you're in.

  • Do calories matter? Are hormones more important?

    ...It depends on the stage. Find out when to focus on calories and when to eat and exercise for hormonal shift. This one secret will explain why the gurus are often wrong and why there's so much confusion.

  • Your stage determines your diet and exercise plan...

    Exactly what to eat and how to exercise depending your whether you're a Sweatpants, Skinn-Jeans, Swimsuit, or Bikini..and equally important, how not to eat and exercise.

  • ...and much, much, more


Blythe's Recipe


With over a dozen recipe packs you’ll never become bored with your diet. All recipes contain a barcode for MyFitnessPal so you can easily import them into your food log with the snap of a picture!


  • High-Protein Recipe Pack

    Full of ideas for those people who follow a lower-carb, higher protein approach

  • Healthy Breakfast Recipe Pack

    No doubt, breakfast is one of the most challenging meals of the day. With this recipe pack, you'll have lots of ideas and options.

  • Low-Carb Recipe Pack

    Great for you "low-carbers" who need tasty ideas, this pack is for you

  • Vegetarian Recipe Collection

    Whether you're a vegetarian or want to try it out, this pack is for you. It can be tough to lose weight when you're vegetarian, these recipes will help you make great choices.

  • Light-Bites Recipe Pack

    When hunger strikes, it's good to have some easy and healthy snack ideas. This pack will give you some great snack options!

  • Salad Recipe Collection

    Full of salad ideas and fat-loss friendly dressings, you'll eat like a king or queen rabbit!

  • Holiday Meal Recipes, Soup Recipe Collections, Smoothie Recipe Collections, and NEW RECIPE PACKS EVERY CHALLENGE!


The Zombie-walk technique


If you struggle with followthrough, this simple but powerful technique will be a game-changer for you. This counter-intuitive strategy will teach you how to handle your mind when it is pleading with you to choose the couch over the gym. 


  • The surprising study that changed it all...

    If you think that you need to "convince" yourself to workout or eat right, you are mistaken and this study proves it.

  • Do you feel mentally exhausted by the end of the day?

    The Zombie-Walk Technique Mini-Class uncovers the reason why and how to INSTANTLY fix it!

  • What to do the moment you arrive home from a long day...

    to dramatically increase your followthrough.

  • Why you need to STOP trying to convince yourself to be healthy...

    Learn why rationalizing healthy choices doesn't work and what to do instead.

  • How to handle obstacles that derail you, we call them "Zombie-Traps"

    complete with examples, and strategies to eliminate every, single one.

  • When to use the Zombie-Walk Technique to virtually guarantee success.

    The Zombie-Walk Technique is WILDLY effective when applied to the right situation, learn when and where to use it for crazy awesome success!

  • ...and MUCH, MUCH More!


Cut The Fat Challenger

During the 60-day challenge, I have lost 22 pounds...the tools I have learned from Blythe and Ray have changed my life! I am eternally grateful for the CTF community, I can be open and honest and know I'm not being judged, just understood.

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